Summary of the history of the Bosgra family 

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History of the Bosgra family 

The history and genealogy of the Bosgra family has been extensively researched by different historians and enthousiasts. All living Bosgra's and Bosgraaf's are as far as we know related to each other and stem from mr. Freerck Bosgraaf.

On this website you can find information about the history of the family, only a summary has been translated into english. If you would like to help to make this family site multi-lingual, please e-mail me. If you would like to see the whole family tree on this website, you need a password for privacy reasons. The password can be obtained by contacting me trough or the contactform.

It is our aim to collect as much information about our family as possible. If you have information about the Bosgra family, such as pictures, stories or information on the living relatives which you would like to share, please contact me.


The Bosgra family has its roots in Bergum, a town in the province of Friesland in The Netherlands. The oldest forefather is mr. Freerck Bosgraaf. His birthplace is not known, historians have argued that he may have come from Amsterdam or from the north of Germany or Denmark. 

Mr. Freerck Bosgraaf has arrived in Bergum before 1696, where he lived in de "Buurt in het West". He worked as a Bosgraaf at the estate Het Hooghuis in Bergum. This estate was at the time owned by Hendrik Casimir II van Nassau-Dietz, "stadhouder" of Friesland and a forefather of Queen Beatrix of Orange-Nassau. Mr. Freerck Bosgraaf was a member of the higher personnel on the estate. He was manager of the forest and the tree nurseries on the estate. 

Freerck married Maria Eeckmans on the 18th of november 1693, she was a maid at the noble Aylva family from Burgwerd. Her parents were Jacob Davids Eeckmans, soldier in a Swiss army. He married Lijsbeth Hanses van Rinsumageest on the 6th of july 1656 in Leeuwarden. The father of Jacob Davids is David Eeckmans, married on the 24th of october 1627 with Tet Jacobs of Rinsumageest. He was a soldier under count Willem van Nassau. 


Bosgraaf means literally forest count, it is an occupational name. He was allowed to use the title master (mr.) as a Bosgraaf, he signed as mr. Freerck Bosgraaf on several occasions. 

Several sons of Tiete Janszn Bosgraaf (1724-1784) use the name Bosgra in the 18th century. In 1811 Napoleon made it mandatory for everybody to have a last name. In Friesland only ten percent of the people already had a last name, the Bosgraaf family being one of them. But before 1811 the name was not registered, so variations of the name were seen. For example: Boschgraaf, Bosgraa, and Bosgra. The name Bosgra probably evolved under the influence of the many last names in Friesland wich end with the letter A. (For example: Hoekstra, Dijkstra, van Heemstra, Liauckema).
In 1811 a few sons of Tiete Janszn registered the name Bosgra instead of Bosgraaf. They were: Jan Tietes Bosgra (1751-1835),  Okke Tietes Bosgra (1769-1842) and Hendrik Tietes Bosgra (1771-1818). All current Bosgra's have their origins in one of these three sons.

Tree nursery

Mr. Freerck Bosgraaf had his own tree nursery. This is confirmed in a document which says that he supplied the fruit trees for the school in Bergum in 1714. He is therefore the founder of the centuries old tree nursery of the family Bosgra.
The tree nurseries of the family Bosgra have been of great importance for the economy of Bergum. As a recognisition for this, a street was named after Freerck Bosgraaf. And there is a bronze sculpture called  "De Túnker" by the artist Gosse Dam located in the centre of Bergum.













Wedding certificate of Freerck and Maria






Bosgra family crest / coat of arms

The family crest has a number of figures in it. The trees stand for the tree nurseries, which brought the prosperity illustrated by the gold coins in the soil. The anchor is a signature of the shipping activities of the family. 


























































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